• World Translational Research

    In Nursing and Nursing Care

    Using Kinaesthetics/kinetic Concepts

    Embody our autonomy in super aging societies

  • Our vision


    •Breaking through and building a new discipline for treating and caring life based on the synthesis of metaphysics and physical sciences based on the nature of life

    •Investigate a means and gateways of rebalancing the open and closed systems of humans to activate their own autonomy



    Prof. Dr.Hiroko Tadaura (PhD in Medicine) is a Revolutionary, a real Mover and Shaker in the World. She has a very intuitive, a visionary, a "Creator and Mentor" with extra-ordinary sensitivities and insight. Her gift is to connect, crossover, integrate physical with the metaphysical. Her works make a difference in the world and the holistic, integrative field of medicine and healing. She integrates metaphysics and physics through her research and builds new disciplines to treat and heal life-based on the essence of life. She argues that the original understanding and awakening of life, which combines metaphysics and physical sciences, and the establishment and practice of new medical and care disciplines, which combine metaphysics and physical sciences, are the most significant challenges of the 21st century. She is a scientist who develops new scientific fields that visualize and verify phenomena using scientific methods in the center and the middle of both hands with science on the right hand and instinct spiritual in the left hand. She conducts educational, and research activities for the life energy expanding and shining, which requires support for movement and sensation because of energy flows for the body and mind to make a balance of fundamental open and closed systems, which also connects the dignity of life and autonomy. She is expanding, systematizing, applying and disseminating academic disciplines. Spiritual understandings are explained logically and scientifically due to her studies and paper writings. She is contributing for people to understand phenomena and systematically, moreover her study activities help to wiser and broader innovative focus and creations.


    Research Achievements

    In the early years of her research, Professor Tadaura devoted himself to the study of the latest pharmacological and physiological mechanisms of action in aged rats (Tadaura, 1999). Afterwards, she worked a lot in the epidemiological big data analysis. Through clinical experience at a hospital, she also tackled research themes of clinical practice for the elderly, patients with various diseases, and the disabled in multiple research design and methods. The development of a medical environment and innovative care for patients and the elderly with various diseases and disabilities was also a broad theme of her research. In these studies, she reported that the relationship between the frequency and energy of a person's movement and gravity (Tadaura, 2006). She explained, from scientific understanding, that we vary the affection of gravity on our and movement (Tadaura, 2006,2019, 2020). Gravity relates to our life system. She was early on involved in analyzing the frequency of human movement. She pointed out the applications of medical treatment and cared environment for the frail elderly and the terminal stage having small movement ability with the influence of the movement frequency and gravity (Tadaura, 2006,2007,2008,2019,2020). She also reported that patients' pain, comfort, and psychological reactions vary greatly depending on the size and method of the physical mechanics of patting and handling by caregivers not due to their disease (Tadaura,2013,2014,2019,2020). She analyzed the human motion that there are two differences in the types of motion trajectories: one that tends to bring a sense of human life, and the other requires energy in some cases to maintain a balance of polarity that is inorganic, close to the mechanical sensation (Tadaura,2007-2020). She has also studied what gravitational effects under gravity and what natural frequencies need to integrate into the utilization of the physical peripheral and distal feedback mechanisms in the body, cybernetics, for technology that brings a sense of vitality to life until the last moment of life (Tadaura,2014,2018,2019,2020). The mechanism of the body function of higher order and peripheral function concerning the operation and in the operation of Autonomy were also explained (Tadaura,2014,2018,2019,2020). She found that autonomy will change between inside and outside of us, physical mechanisms in a balance. She has also reported that autonomy changes delicately in the interaction of interference and reaction between the person and the supporter (Tadaura, 2018, 2020). Autonomy can be defined and understood physically and has been used as an example to illustrate various human and social structures (Tadaura, 1999, 2003). She has explained that the autonomy of life needs the creation of this essential physical quantity by oneself, not by others (Tadaura, 2006, 2019, 2020). She has also addressed the link between relativity and life energy in several lectures (Tadaura, 2006,2018,2020). According to her explanation, we can live in different dimensions of life that affect our mind, health, and energy of life (Tadaura 2020). The observance of the classical concepts and techniques of caregivers influenced by school education and textbooks, and she reported that such adherence is a factor that makes it difficult for innovation and change to occur over long years, based on the analysis of textbooks in various countries (Tadaura, 2014, 2019, 2020). A comparison of texts in English-speaking countries, German-speaking countries, and Japan and China also shows that support concepts and technologies for movements are polarized between countries where innovation is occurring and countries that do not change through classical trends (Tadaura, 2018, 2019). She has also been involved in international clinical research as a PI in Europe for many years as a visiting researcher and senior fellow in Germany. The result of multiple epidemiology research and intervention study in Japan and Europe is also mainly reported (Tadaura, 2018). These studies reported that differences in the frequency of high-concept care applied in clinical and care settings affect patients' health and quality of life (Tadaura, 2018).



    Professor Tadaura foresees a new understanding and awakening of life that combines metaphysics and physical sciences, and the expansion of the establishment and practice of new medicine and care disciplines that combine metaphysics and physical sciences.To realize a new understanding and treatment of life that can bring living things to the state of living here in presence, Professor Tadaura will further expand and develop the linguistic, visual and scientific explanations that bring awakening to people.If people get too caught up in physical sciences, we focus too much on life from a material point of view. Mainly modern scientific discussion and creation, which is invisible now and would tend to deny the value without evidence, will produce even more intense physical focus and output in the dynamics. Technological developments have always influenced observation and visualization. We need time for developments sometimes. It is necessary to put a light a new discipline that integrates metaphysics and physical sciences and keeps the possibility of evidence not only visualized by the development of technology but also invisible things now. Many studies and different academic fields were separated and did not have had enough dialogue. It is time to talk about "life" together with a big picture. Among various fields of study, especially in the field of medical cure and care which directly deals with life, the light of this new field of study is mostly required. The state of being alive cannot be created merely by satisfying physical and material conditions. We can live in different dimensions (Tadaura,2019,2020). It is a unique focus, but a big awareness. Coming back to life and maintain the power will help suicides, trauma, depression, dementia, any livings lost or weak autonomy. We need more development a broad scientific understanding that defines the state of being truly here and now. This new perspective has the potential to create a world in which life treats from the same philosophy and structure, without bringing the boundaries between humans, animals, and others. It also has the potential to provide insight and science into the micro- and macro-life structures created by individual life and the states and fields of collective experience. There will soon be a scientific understanding of how love, trust and joy, and fear and anxiety related to the Autonomy, energy, frequency and creativity of life. Autonomy leads to interference naturally through the various experiences of life. The interference can act in the same living dimensions. The purpose of DNA may be to taste, change and evolution through its diverse experiences and interferences. The difference in the Autonomy of life can link to the different dimensions of frequency and energy that the living state creates. She also explained it using mathematics (Tadaura, 2018,2019,2020). There is a world here in which the truth cannot be seen without integrating metaphysics and physical sciences, and observing them from a panoramic perspective.She reports that it is also essential to observe education scientifically from a global perspective. It points out the importance of observing and foreseeing the movement of people's concepts of time and space. It is also a challenge to put a light in the situations and the gateway that keeps legacy and liberates its static, massive circle structure, regulatory science in education, clinical and social vicious circles. Stagnation is an entirely different work from the state of holding a certain level while changes by causing movement, change, and circulation, rather than staying in the same place and same dimensions. It is also a challenge to look for gateways and mechanisms that can link to different dimensions of frequency and energy. The phenomena of open and closed systems and their relationship are also significant topics. Professor Tadaura suggests that the agent may relate to the secrets of the birth of fertilized eggs. Although fertility treatment has become an important research subject in modern times, Professor Tadaura says that the day is coming when the latest biotechnology will be born from the understanding of the principle and the principle of life.

    It is a very hard way to go the way nobody goes yet. However, Professor Tadaura says that she wants to see such a beautiful world in which animals and human lives are shining everywhere by people's understanding and awareness of life and that for this reason, she is just doing the work she just can do.

    We hope that her project will be blessed and receive a lot of support.





    What is Rabbit Alive Project?


    When Prof. Dr. Tadaura was a nursing student at University, She worked part-time as a private teacher for a junior high school student. His mother always came to pick her up and they talked for about 20 minutes in the car every time. The mother was working as a home helper. One day, the mother told her, "I couldn't save a rabbit today.". She asked, "What's happening?". The mother said, "I went to a user's house. He has a mental illness. I found a rabbit there. The rabbit was kept in a just-sized cage, and there was a pile of droppings on the bottom behind the rabbit. I knew that the rabbit was being kept immobile at all. But I was scared and didn't know what to do, so I left it as it was and came back. I have to do something." She was so shocked to hear about the story. She could not help crying when she thought that her life without words had not been able to be asked for help and was still alive with patience.


    She long afterward noticed that the story of the rabbit is tied to Kinaesthetics/Kinetic science. Dignity and justice for the rabbit were not respected at all. Living things need freedom. Freedom is fundamental for any of joyful in life. It is from the freedom that every living joy is born. Movements are united with sense. The sense is the key to connect with ourselves and others. It does not mean only with the physical body, but also the mind. It also does not mean only with human beings. We can guess the same for any living things. The soul will shine if it feels a connection with ourselves, others, environment, or whatever. The soul needs the unlimited possibility of freedom. The possibility will be always limited under less of freedom situation and such mind. Under freedom, we can experience a connection, creation, and uncertainty. If it is a certainty, there is limited freedom and possibility there. The rabbit’s cage is also able to be considered to replace the human body and mind. Many people spend their lives in their cage which are made by themselves or others. Namely, they are captured in their bodies and minds. The manipulation is used for control. The patients’ disordered body is exactly as the rabbit’s cage in soul level. If you are aged, or had an accident, or took an operation, or seriously sick with body or mind, you cannot move freely in body or mind. If we help the patients to be able to create their own free movement and sense in their body and mind, we can say that we are saving their soul in life. To embody love and dignity for life with meaningful truly is to allow the soul who lives in the wall called the physical body to move freely, feel, think, learn, insist, create, and exist with the subjectivity. There is no greater purpose of life than to live to satisfy this. If we can embody this, we can say” This is care.”. Kinaesthetics/Kinetic science and approach lead to this powerful field. If we are connected with this area, it is so powerful, and the soul will be shining.

    Prof.Dr.Tadaura has studied the scientific topic while. She brought various scientific fields, Nursing, Medicine, Biology, Quantum Physics, Embryology, Biomechanics, Biological physics, Kinesiology, Kinaesthetics, Kinetic various theories, and its technics, Various theories related to psychological and social science, Communication and interaction science. She also focused on outcomes related to DNA levels or the prevention of diseases included in physical and mental. She also focused on aging science included in dementia and its prevention. Because of her various scientific backgrounds, and long global research experience, and her natural talent of unique instincts inborn, her innovative idea and hard work are greatly supported by global level and government level as a front line of the global studies.



    She spoke about this rabbit story in some international congresses. The dignified care is always the main topic of her Kinaesthetics/Kinetic researches. She found the scientific mechanisms. She nowadays mainly explained it using physics and mathematics combined nursing and medical science. She was in the UK, Dubai, and Rome. Many professors and researchers coming from different countries were very much moved when she told the rabbit’s story and the scientific evidence. She often spoke that where we focus makes your mind and place to be. Someone lives in a small box. Someone is in a wider box. It is mainly decided by yourself. We have to change our point of view. Many countries and their school books focus on mainly mass body and physical transfer from one position to another position using mechanical methods in case that we help others. But we are not objects or robots. It is totally different between physically moving the rabbit cage and supporting systems inside of the rabbit body. Without understanding this, it is difficult to understand what is life support. Physical restraints never help with patient care. Physical restraints are making the rabbit cage to lock the rabbit in. We cannot move and sense free inside there. There is no life shining there. Help the rabbit life system itself. Don't help the cage. Don's make the cage for you and others in both body and mind. The rabbit she met gave us the message. Prof.Dr.Tadaura says, "Safety feeling and exceeding your limits and fears are key to live wider space freely. This is very related to any of psychological problem and aging and disease and quality of life. This is also related to how making your any connections as family and company and organizations and school and societies because this is about interacting with you inside and others outside" This is what she wishes everyone knows in their life for them and others around. How to be your inside and outside is everything."


    Prof.Dr.Tadaura is finding scientific evidence not only a high level of abstraction as Philosophy but also visible evidence using many research questions. Experience the life state of the rabbit overlapping with the life states of the various patients encountered in her subsequent clinical experience. Why is it that if you don't move, your vital energy will drop, and that movement will make your whole life shine? And its movement was not about just physical movement. Life doesn't shine when machines and people act your own physical replacement in turn of you. But, Why? What is life energy? What kind of substance relating to it? Why the cage or limited box make us sick? What kind of mechanism is there? In Nursing or Caregiving, when all the important elements of the process come from the individual own creation, autonomy is activated. But, Why? After that, through the accumulation of study abroad, international research, basic and clinical research in Japan, and practical training through repeated learning, the difference between support invoked by the Autonomy of life and support that does not. The difference in mechanism of action and mechanism and the outcome in the clinical and field is gradually clarified. Staying and going around is all about it. Change and awareness happen in one moment in a presence. The new research area expanded, in which all the points and points of research drawn as one line from the unfortunate story of a rabbit. As a researcher, she explored the mechanism of the highly abstract theme of life's glow. Physics and mathematical formulas explain why life's radiance is all about freedom. Answer against many why is getting clear.

    This is an international project to unite research activities conducted by various researchers and practitioners in Japan, European countries, to disseminate information in an easy-to-understand manner, both at home and abroad, to clarify what is still being clarified with members of an international research team, and to bridge these issues to the world.

    The project has been dubbed the Rabbit Alive Project, to reach as many people as possible beyond the boundaries of experts. "Alive" means the glow of life. The project aims to contribute to the radiance of life for all living things. ”


    What is life energy? How can we connect with life shining?

    What kind of substance relating to it?

    Why the cage or limited box make us sick?

    What kind of mechanism is there?

    What can we do to contribute to life?

    How will life be fine and powerful?

    What is life support care using the natural mechanism?

    What is our system to feel alive?

    What do we need to support life?

    Why is it healthy to move?

    Why is it important to move?

    Why is moving to live?

    What is autonomy? Can we explain using physics and mathematics?

    What is the technology to realize it?

    What is the outcome?

    What kind of secret to creating a sense of life?

    What are the integration and separation of self and others?

    What do we need to interact with each other and allow energy to flow to both?

    What are the requirements for creating autonomy?

    How do you create a sense of presence?

    What are the scientific disciplines and terms that explain these?


    A project to understand its mechanisms and to visualize outcomes and practical models

    If life is movement, supporting movement is supporting life

    But Why movement connects anything?

    This project does not see only our physical body as things: materials.

    This project will try to see our existence as life energy.

    The energy can be explained by various visible phenomena and various scientific fields integrations.

    The secret of the mechanisms and energy materials is the key.


    "Care" is things for everyone. Because we surely take care or give it ourselves and others from cradle to grave. Everybody not only professionals did or make the experience in our whole life.


    Any persons who relate any care for others and work for their life shining as a role of mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, teacher, baby, children, animal, nurse, physician, caregiver, and researcher, organization or company that manufacture products or program or system related to life, such as medicines, supplements, foods, and equipment, etc


    To all the people

    The project will inspire what to look at and create for "life shining"

    Global Innovation

    In super aging societies

    Our goal is to work with the brightest researchers and clinical&care practitioners to awaken innovation of our alive across the region and around the world.

    Passionate and professional Partnerships

    To influence Social Challenges

    We actively work study teams and clinical&care practitioners with open minds, innovative thinking, and access to transformative resources to enable global expansion.

    Main Subjects

    Cognitive Impairment, Disability, Handicapped, Elderly

    This study outcome will be provided any livings in the future.

    Studies are supported by KAKENHI

    Principal Investigator:Prof.Dr.Hiroko Tadaura

    KAKENHI Scientific Research (A) (Overseas Academic Research) in Japan

  • Story

    Here is a magazine report about an interview for Prof.Dr.Hiroko Tadaura in LQ, Europe.

    You can download to know our passion.

    Here is the German version.

  • Here is a magazine report about an interview for Prof.Dr.Hiroko Tadaura in LQ, Europe.

    You can download to know our passion.

    Here is the English version.

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    Principal Investigator(PI)

    Professor of Graduate School of Health and Welfare, International University of Health and Welfare,Tokyo,Japan




    Professor of Graduate School of Health and Welfare, International University of Health and Welfare,Tokyo,Japan


    Professor, Division of Biomedical Engineering for Health and Welfare, Laboratory of Health and Sports Sciences, Graduate school of Biomedical Engineering, Tohoku University,Japan
    Professor of Department of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University, Miyagi.Japan


    Lecturer, Department of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University , Miyagi, Japan

    Prof.Dr.Sabine Bathromeyczik

    Research Collaborator

    Professor, University of Witten/Herdecke,Germany

    Research Collaborator

    Professor, University of Heidelberg,Germany

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    Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan

    Research Collaborator

    Professor of Graduate School of Medicine,

    International University of Health and Welfare, Narita,Japan

    Research Collaborator

    Associate Professor, Yokohama City University,Yokohama,Japan and Associate Professor, Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan

    Research Collaborator

    Assistant Professor,Tokyo University,


    Research Collaborator

    Professor of Graduate School of Health and Welfare, International University of Health and Welfare, Odawara, Japan

    Prof.Dr.Rizvan Ya.Abdullaiev

    Research Collaborator

    Professor, Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education,Kharkiv,Ukraine

    Research Collaborator

    Lecturer, International University of Health and Welfare,Graduate School of Medical Welfare, Odawara, Japan

    Dr.Soyer Hubert


    President, Regens Wagner Absberg, Germany

    Peter Webert


    Regens Wagner Absberg, Germany

    European Kinaesthetics Germany

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    Certified Seminar

    July and November in 2019 (Wien, Austria)


    ​Kinaesthetics certified training seminars are coming soon.

    (All the seats are booked.)

    Certified Seminar

    June and October in 2019(Sendai and Tokyo)

    Wagner and Prof.Tadaura​

    Kinaesthetics certified training seminars are coming soon.

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    Meet on August 2018 (Tokyo, Japan)

    Theme : Innovative very new Nursing and Nursing Care applied for Ontogeny.

    Innovative very new Nursing and Nursing Care applied for Ontogeny.

    Lecturers: Prof.Tadaura and D.Prachel from Austria

    Both have certified T1(T2 progress on the way) of the European Kinaesthetics Association.

    Case study applied Ontogeny.

    Group discussion&individual practices


    The very new innovative nursing and nursing care have applied various practical fields

    included in rehabilitation nursing, gerontology nursing,critical nursing,and care fields in settings and homes. 



    Prof.Tadaura and T2 members in Germany and Austria

    November 2018


    Prof.Tadaura and T1 members in Germany and Austria

    October 2019


    Prof.Tadaura and Wagner in Japan

    June 2019


    Prof.Tadaura and Wagner in Japan

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